Humanism comes from the Renaissance and means being the best you can be to improve society.
It was used to help fix the church and society because the church was scamming people by selling forgiveness for money and the church was acting like a Government.
Secularism and Individualism were also used to help improve society, as Secularism encouraged people to question traditional authority (church).
Individualism means to be the best that you can be independently.

Humanism Secularism and Individualism in the Renaissance lasted between the 1400-1600 in Italy


1) Where did the Renaissance take Place?
  A) France
  B) Germany
 C) Italy
  D) Spain
2) When Did the Renaissance began?
  A) 1400
  B) 1200
  C) 1300
  D) 1500
3) Why did the Renaissance happened?
  A) To Improve Society
  B) To Improve Government
  C) To Inprove the Church
  D) All of the above

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